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  2005- Present                  Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility - Bermuda

  Process Controller Supervisor
  Working for the Works and Engineering Department of the Bermudain government. Responsible for the overall operation of   the Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility and a shift crew of 4 Process Controllers (steam engineers) operating two   incinerators and two VonRoll Inova Boilers producing steam at 45 bar (652psi) and 650 degree centigrade superheat   feeding a Turbine/Alternator (3800KW)  which generates power for the Island of  Bermuda. I am also responsible for
  developing the training program for the facility.

  1985–2004                       Domtar Vancouver Mill
                                      (Formerly Island Paper Mills) Delta, B.C.
  Shift Engineer 2nd Class
  Responsible for the operation of two saturate and two superheat boilers generating steam at 400 psi, supplying a 600HP   Westinghouse Turbine which drives a Paper Machine and supplies steam to two Paper Mills. Controls are a combination of   pneumatic and state of the art “Delta V”
  Responsible for all air compression, safety and fire protection systems, and water treatment and effluent systems.
  Responsible for the operation and maintenance of all gas fired equipment including Infra Red drying systems, Temprite   Rooftop air make up heating units and SCAF furnaces on the Coating Machine.

  Class A EE Gas Fitter
  Responsible for the maintenance, repair, upgrading and troubleshooting of commercial and industrial gas fired equipment.

  1983 - 1985                          Rock Creek, B. C.

  Worked in conjunction with federal branch of Central Housing and Mortgage Canada in setting up a “Solar Voltaic”   powered home for the purpose of researching the viability of solar power being used in northern communities.  (One year   program)

  1975 – 1983         Gulf Canada Oil Refinery,  Port Moody, BC
  Master Engineer (Shift Engineer 2nd Class)
  Supervision of all engineers, maintenance personnel, and any others working within the division.
  In charge of a steam plant with total boiler Horse Power of 2269 H.P. at working pressures of 650 and 160 psig. High-pressure   boilers consist of two Combustion Engineering Super heater VU Type rated at 81 M pph each, producing steam at 650 psig   and 750 degrees F. Both are oil and gas fired. Controls are mainly pneumatic with electronics on burner management   systems. Low-pressure boilers are both waste heat types using heat from slurry oil and heat from a 25 ton per day sulphur   recovery plant, both producing steam at 160 psig and saturated.
  In charge of a 200 Mpph Grauer Deaerating Heater, turbine driven FD fans, Turbine driven centrifugal Air Compressors and   all other auxiliary equipment.
  Responsible for Boiler Feed Water and Cooling Water treatment testing and control as well as supplying high quality steam   involving chemical addition programs and chlorine treatment. Pollution control has a high priority.

  1974 – 1975       Trojan Nickel Refinery, Bindura, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

  Supervision of a team of 20 African Labourers in the operation of Ball Mills, separators, reactors, filtration units, cobalt   removal and storage at the Trojan Nickel refinery in Northern Rhodesia.
  (Left after one year because of the likelihood of being inducted into the Rhodesian Army)

  1970 – 1973                   Imperial Oil Enterprises Ltd, Ioco, B.C.

  Master Operator
  Operation of Asphalt Oxidizer, Fluid Catalyst Unit, Polymerization Unit, Control Board for FCII Regeneration Reactor,   Powerformer Unit, Hydrosweetener, Sour Water Plant.


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