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 August 15, 2006


Dear Sir/Madam:

                     Re: Reference for Mr. Ross H Goodwin

Ross Goodwin was hired as Process Controller Supervisor with Tynes Bay Waste Treatment Facility on August 23, 2005. His primary duties include safe and efficient operation of the two stream incineration process and all the affiliated equipment, including a 3.8 MW turbo-alternator utilizing steam at 44 bar and 390 degrees C. In addition, he supervises a crew of four members on his shift, and provides training and mentorship to all the subordinates in his section.

Ross’s technical skills are very solid. He has good knowledge of the incineration process and all the system components. He has provided leadership in safety procedures and has implemented steps to improve safety features on plant site. Ross is a team player and has gained great respect from his colleagues and his immediate supervisor since he started working at the facility.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ross for a supervisor or managerial role in industrial plant operations. My experience in working with him as both a supervisor and a colleague has shown me that he is a diligent, capable and dependable person who can make valuable contribution to any organization.


Yours sincerely,

Vincent Shih, P. Eng.
Plant Manager